In a nut shell ~

Studio rates are $80/hour full service.

Block, Daily and Half Day rates are all quoted on a project basis.

Arrangement and Producing fees are also quoted and are extremely competetive.

There are numerous instruments available in-house including a 5 piece Drum kit, various percussion and a Yamaha concert series Grand Piano.

(pre session tuning of piano is extra AND recommended)

Session musician/vocalist rates vary but average at $75 -$150/song

Block pricing is available on a project basis. Only pro's with years of studio experience are hired and deliver the best solid peformances with creativity and speed. Hiring solid players saves both time and money so more energy can be spent on the finishing touches. 

The 900 Sq Foot main room, is equipped with a full stage ready P.A. system and can be rented as a rehearsal space on a daily basis. Call for a quote and availability.

Dial 705 924 2142

or  @



2 independent Pro Tools systems

Pro Tools 3 Accel for fully loaded 0 latency multitracking.

Pro Tools Studio 2024 for editing, mixing and mastering.

Outboard preamps are by Universal Audio, Warm Audio, Focusrite and Neve.

Microphones by RODE, Warm Audio, AKG, EV, Slate Digital, Sennheiser, Shure, CAD

Additional supported audio formats

Tascam DA88 with sync card
DAT with Apogee Filters
Analog 2 track with center address track