In a nut shell ~

Pro Tools HD3 (128 actual audio tracks)

All processing software is legitimately purchased and licensed by Eventide, Waves, , SynchroArts   and the majority of our preamplifiers are Tube(Valve if you're a Brit like me) and are by Universal Audio, Warm Audio, or Neve.etc 

 We at Northumberland Music Studio respect the rights of software developers to make an honest living and therefore we pay for any software we use in our arsenal. Pirates of software are criminals and should be dealt with accordingly!

Studio rates are $80/hour full service.

Block, Daily and Half Day rates are all quoted on a project basis.

Arrangement and Producing fees are also quoted and are extremely competetive.

There is no charge for use of in house gear ( listed below) I.E. house drum kit, Yamaha concert series Grand Piano.

 Pre session tuning of piano is extra AND recommended.

Session musician/vocalist rates vary but average at $100 for first song, then $75/per song.

$600/full length CD per musician. Only pro's with years of studio experience are hired and deliver the best solid peformances with creativity and speed. Hiring solid players saves both time and money so more energy can be spent on the finishing touches. If you are a songwriter we always recommend you hire a solid vocalist to deliver your song to its best potential , unless of course you are also a professional singer !

 The 900 Sq Foot main room, equipped with a full stage ready P.A. system, can be rented as a rehearsal space on a daily basis. Call for a quote and availability.

Dial 705 924 2142

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Pro Tools HD 3 accel with 3 interfaces

128 actual audio tracks with processing by Eventide, Waves, Antares, Synchroarts , Bomb Factory etc...
Northumberland Music respects the rights of software developers and uses only purchaced, licenced software

Mic pre-amps by Focusrite and ART

16 Channels of  "Tube"  Mic Pre-Amps

Formats supported are:

Tascam DA88 with sync card
DAT with Apogee Filters
Analog 2 track with center address track