Andy Thompson, owner in residence at Northumberland Music Studio has enjoyed a long career in the music industry in Canada.

Without going into the childhood piano lessons lets move on to say he has earned the reputation of being a much sought after session player, as well as writer /composer , arranger, engineer and producer. 

He has composed the music for hundreds of documentary, full length feature , made for TV dramatic series and informational films.

  But don't let this scare you! Andy is generous in spirit and takes as much interest in his work with new artists as he does with established ones.  If you just want a rough demo or  a full polished production, you don't have to travel far. Northumberland Music is exactly where you need to be.

Have a peek at this wonderful article recently published in County and Quinte Living;

Composer/Arranger/Producer/Engineer/Performer/Film Composer

Andy began composing music for film in 1972 beginning with a documentary entitled  " A Seal Song". Producer Roman Bittman, and executive producer Brian Davies created this magical yet grusome documentary of the life and slaughter of the harp seal herd on the Magdelain islands. Excerpts from this film, along with the musical score continue to show up in Nature Films around the world.

Andy's early introduction into electronic music and effects, plus a background in classical music, rock, impressionistic, jazz, country and bluegrass, put him in good stead with film producers needing supportive scores and soundscapes for their productions.

A partial list of clients, film and TV productions follows

Chetwynd Films:  "The Mythmakers". A 60 minute documentary about the invention of the automobile, it's growth and the metamorphosis into  grand prix racing. " Lots of  period music"! Hosted by William Shatner.

ABC Films : "The Sea Is At Her Gates". This co production with NATO and the Canadian Navy documents Canada's  naval contribution and trials during all the major wars of the 20th century. Hosted by Raymond Burr.

MTO: Andy was the Ministry of Transport's  "go to"  composer for over a decade and produced musical scores and sound effects for dozens of film and animated productions including the complete "Drivesave"  and "Trucksave". series, "Spanning the Skyway" etc...

SOMA Film Producers: For more than 15 years, Andy was the exclusive composer for this extremely prolific film company. The vast majority of contracts were commissioned by  TVO or The Knowledge Network,  and close to one hundred  instructive and entertainment films were produced with Andy's music and effects during that time,  including  "Kite Crazy" " Beer"  'Set Your Sails'  and "The Green Earth"  etc... 

Mobius Media: Andy's long term relationship with producers Marilyn Belec(Past President of the Atlantic Film Board)  and Roman Bittman(Former Executive producer for The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation) began in 1972 and has produced dozens of dramatic shorts,  TV ads and features.  Roman's recommendation brought Andy's  film scoring talents to the 2005 / 2006 NAAF awards which received a huge " Thumbs Up"  for his sensitivity, speed and ability to deliver and adapt on a moments notice to "changes of plan"!

Atlantic Media Works: Almost within moments of moving to Fredericton, Andy had landed himself several half hour CBC dramatic film scores including "101 Fire Hydrants", 'Paradise Siding", "The Dance"  etc...

SC Entertainment: Andy began with SC writing music for award winning documentaries. Then composing music for full length features including  Into The Fire  (Susan Anspach and Art Hingle), Friends Lovers and Lunatics,(Daniel Stern and Sheila McCarthy),  The Secret Ingredient (Catherine Hicks and Sam Wannamaker) etc...

Microtainment/Global: The score for the 13 part series "Daring and Grace"  required a "Smashing Pumpkins" alternative approach. Andy's  work got another stamp of approval and was delivered in record time!

Environment Canada: For more than a decade Andy created all the radio ads including Music, Sound effects and Voice Overs(courtesy of long time friend Roy Bonisteel) for  Environment Canada, Ontario Parks division.

Whether you need a promotional demo as a performer, a publishing demo as a songwriter or you wish to record a full length CD, Northumberland Music has the services you need.                                                                                                             Studio phone: 705 924 2142 

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