Welcome to Northumberland Music Studio/Studio 29.

We offer a full range of professional audio and video production services with rates that reflect our commitment to assist both entry level and full time professional artists and producers realize their vision. 


In 1980, audio engineer and architect James Woods, along with performing musician and composer Andy Thompson, set about converting a century old  barn into a world class recording studio. Utilizing repurposed wood from an adjacent barn and materials from a Mennonite mill east of Bancroft, the task was completed and doors opened in the summer of 1985. Equipped with the latest technology from the get go, the studio provided access to big city gear, at rural rates and a relaxing environment perfect for unbridled creativity, yet the most common amenities are close at hand. 

Northumberland Music Studio is located in Northumberland County between Campbellford and Warkworth, 90 minutes east of Toronto.     

The studio features a large 900 square foot open main room, with 4 additional isolation booths offering clear sight lines that can accommodate a variety of "live off the floor" scenarios. There is also a wide selection of microphones and gear, 7 individual self mixing stations, a relaxing lounge with direct outdoor access, and a small kitchenette.

Studio rates  can be negotiated on an hourly or daily basis depending on the size of the recording project. We have a solid core of professional session musicians of various styles and instrumentation who are regulars both locally and online. 

NOTE: The pandemic has created a scenario where world-class musicians, not able to assemble in a studio are now equipped to provide their performances online. We are presently calling upon and receiving performances from some of the most sought after session artists from Canada, the US, the UK and Ireland!
If you require arrangements and charts for your recording, this is also a service we are able to provide.        Email 


Please check out the rest of the site and feel free to email  us with  any questions.

Northumberland Music Studio is located:

90 minutes east of Toronto in the Northumberland Hills.

45 minutes from Peterborough

30 minutes from Cobourg & Belleville

70 Minutes from Kingston

Several Lovely B & B?s in the area

3 excellent golf courses and several driving ranges within walking distance.

Accomodation on site will soon be available.